About me

My name is Vibor Viskovic, I am a 30 y.o. graphic/web designer from Rijeka, Croatia. I am currently employed as the art director in Astoria dizajn studio (a Croatian design studio). I am also the graphic editor and layout designer for Livingstone magazine, and the lead designer for Rovinj Photodays festival. I am an Adobe Certified Expert. If you would like to know more about my professional experience or download my CV, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

Work I do

  • Web design
  • Web front end development (HTML, CSS, jQuery)
  • Visual identities and style guides
  • Graphic design and pre-print
  • Flash design and animation
  • Flash app programming (AS2.0 and AS3.0, XML)
  • Vector illustrations
  • Photo enhancement and editing

My work

Photodays logo

Rovinj Photodays

Rovinj Photodays is the Croatian national photography contest. The brand recently received the Superbrands title. I did the logo and the art direction of the festival promotion.

Employer: Astoria, co-workers: Igor Jurisic, Anita Bilan

ArtDoor logo


ArtDoor is a project that will bring top art photography to the streets of Croatia. It is a series of outdoor exhibitions that will take place in all the Croatia's major cities.

Employer: Astoria

ArtDoor logo

Prijatelji mora
(Friends of the sea)

"Friends of the sea" is a project that educates about the importance of eco-friendly business companies.

Employer: Astoria

Corona Muralis logo

Corona Muralis

Logo for a construction company from Split, Croatia. Corona muralis is latin and it means a crown that is awarded to the first soldier that climbs the walls of the city under siege.

Employer: Corona Muralis

Auctus interiors logo

Auctus interiors

Visual identity for a hand-made furniture manufacturer from Croatia.

Employer: Auctus Interiors

Auctus interiors logo

Dental Traveler

Logo for a dental tourism agency from Rijeka, Croatia.

Employer: Astoria

DentVitalis logo


Logo and the full visual identity for a dental clinic from Rijeka, Croatia (including catalogue, website, business cards...).

Employer: Astoria

Dental Traveler logo

GOE identity

Logo and visual identity for a Croatian offshore engineering company.

Employer: GOE

Hrvatska Komora Primalja logo

Croatian Chamber of Midwives

Logo for the Croatian Chamber of Midwives.

Astoria Center logo

Astoria center identity

Identity for Astoria Center as well as for each of the four departments. 5 logos alltogether

Employer: Astoria

3v Force Generator logo

3V force generator

Logo for a new, eco-friendly power generator.

Luketić logo

Luketić wine beer and glass

Logo for a Croatian eno-gastro shop.

Employer: Astoria

Web and digital

Svadbomat web


A wedding portal based in Croatia. I did the portal layout design and the flash banners

Employer: Svadbomat

ACI Sailing Center Cres web

ACI Sailing Center Cres

A website for a new sailing center, a part of the ACI company.

Employer: Astoria

Livingstone club web

Livingstone Club

A website for a card membership club based in Croatia, that offers many benefits to the LS Club Card owners.

Employer: Astoria, co-workers: Igor Jurisic

Makalis website


A website for a realestate company in Croatia, work-in-progress.

Employer: Astoria

Radio Rijeka web

Radio Rijeka

A website for the biggest local radio station in Rijeka, Croatia.

Employer: Astoria, co-workers: Igor Jurisic

Livingstone Magazine web

Livingstone Magazine

A website for the Livingstone magazine. We used Wordpress for this one.

Employer: Astoria, co-workers: Igor Jurisic

Heartbeats web


A Flash website. Layout and all the design was done by DeepSun. I did the application ActionScript programming.

Employer and co-workers: Deepsun

Paleta Art web

Paleta Art

A simple website for a hobby shop located in Rijeka, Croatia.

Employer: Paleta Art

Sinergis web


A website for an IT school that offers ECDL certifications to their customers.

Employer: Sinergis


Marina News magazine

Marina News Magazine

Identity and layout for a Marina Punat company magazine.

Employer: Astoria, co-workers: Igor Jurisic, Vedran Zidanik

Hrvatski velikani comic book

Great Croatians

Layout and cover design for a "Comic book in a classroom" series of comics about great Croats throughout history.

Employer: Astoria, co-workers: Igor Jurisic, Maja Bencic

Livingstone Magazine

Livingstone Magazine

Magazine that I work for as lead designer and graphic editor. Its a bi-lingual magazine that covers Croatian and international cultural and lifestyle topics.

Employer: Astoria, co-workers: Igor Jurisic,Anita Bilan

Pogled u ogledalo cover

A View in the Mirror

A cookbook by one of Croatia's most prominent chefs, mr. Viljam Cvek. My contribution to the project was the cover design, entire layout was done by Maja Bencic

Employer: Astoria, co-workers: Maja Bencic

ACI calendar

ACI materials

For the past 4-5 years, me and my coleagues have been doing almost all the materials for ACI d.d., Croatia's biggest chain of marinas. This includes annual catalogues, calendars, advertisments, DVD's, CD's, the whole deal!

Employer: Astoria, co-workers: Igor Jurisic, Anita Bilan, Maja Bencic, Vedran Zidanik

Contact informtion

Visit my LinkedIn profile
  • mail: vibor at creativeswitch.net
  • skype: vibor.viskovic
  • phone: +385 91 524 3714